Huntington South Garage: Limited space availability

Huntington South parking garage is currently undergoing an extensive structural analysis in an effort to bring the aging structure back to a state-of-good-repair. As a result, customers may encounter limited parking availability in the facility.

What’s going on here?
Huntington South parking garage is 32 years old and the oldest garage owned by Metro. Recent inspections of the garage have necessitated the need for further structural analysis.  In the interest of safety, some general and reserved spaces on the top and mid-level decks have been blocked for customer use. Areas not blocked in the garage have been deemed safe.

What’s the plan to resolve it?
Engineering Department personnel are working to perform an extensive structural analysis in order to develop a proper remediation strategy to bring the garage back to a state-of-good-repair.

How long will it take?
There is currently no estimated time on completion. This website will be updated as new information becomes available.

How will this affect my parking?
About 350 parking spaces are closed to the public. Reserved parking customers were notified by email of parking space relocation and open, general parking spaces have been converted to Reserved spaces. Temporary directional signage has been posted in and around Huntington South garage. Any customers having difficulty finding available spaces in Huntington South garage are encouraged to try either Huntington North or Huntington III garage.