We're Making Metro Fair for Everyone

Proposed changes to Metro's Title VI Civil Rights Program

Title IV Program Changes 2023

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At Metro, we're committed to fairness.

We want to make sure we serve your community and provide you the service you need-and that's just what we're trying to do in updating our Title VI Civil Rights program.

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What is Title VI?

Title VI of the U.S. Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects people from discrimination based on race, color, and national origin. It helps make sure our mission to enhance the social and economic quality of life for our entire community becomes a reality. We're due to update our program this year-and we need your input.

What changes are being proposed?

At Metro, everyone counts, so we're making program changes to provide fair service to the whole community-and that no one is left behind.

Key changes include:

  • Defining "major service" change: To better serve customer needs and demands, Metro is proposing to define a major service more broadly. This could help reduce overcrowding and provide service adjustments more quickly.
  • Defining populations based on U.S. Census data: Instead of only relying on existing ridership data, Metro is proposing to identify populations based on the U.S. Census, which would allow us to expand and extend service into new, underserved areas and to reconfigure existing routes.
  • Raising the household income level for low-income customers: To address the recent rise in the cost of living, Metro is proposing to increase the level of household income of customers who would qualify as low-income.

Additionally, Metro is proposing to eliminate the $2 fee for SmarTrip cards for reduced fare programs.

Thank you for sharing your feedback.

In October 2023, we collected the public's input so that we can create a program that truly reflects our region and fairly counts everyone. Although our survey is closed, we continue to work to build a fairer future for all.

Check back here in coming months to see the results or at wmata.com/about/board/ when Metro’s board of directors review the public’s feedback and changes.