Better Bus: Bus Lanes

Tactical Bus Lanes

When buses are given priority on the road, customers have a quicker, more reliable travel experience. As part of Metro’s Better Bus initiative, we are working to improve Metrobus service through the implementation of tactical bus lanes throughout our region.  These are designated lanes, painted in red, that allow buses to avoid traffic congestion and delays.

By allowing buses to travel independently of regular traffic, bus-only lanes have been known to save commuters up to 15% on their travel time. That improved service and reliability can lead to more people choosing transit, fewer single-occupancy vehicles on the road, reduced traffic and congestion, safer streets, and decreased greenhouse gas emissions -- a win for everyone!

Read more about Tactical Bus Lanes in our Frequently Asked Questions.


To understand the impact Tactical Bus Lanes will have on Metrobus service, we are partnering with Maryland’s Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA), Montgomery County, and Prince George’s County to launch pilots in the following corridors: 

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