All-Door Boarding

Two doors are better than one! All-Door Boarding is now available on select Metrobus routes.

In our ongoing efforts to provide you with a better bus experience, we are introducing All-Door Boarding on some of our high ridership routes in DC, Maryland and Virginia to decrease customer wait times and delays.

Traditional front-door-only boarding can cause bottlenecking and delays during the boarding process. All-Door Boarding allows customers to board through both the front or rear door rather than just at the front of the bus. Customers paying with their SmarTrip® card or using mobile pay can enter the front or rear door on select buses, and simply tap to pay their fare. Customers needing wheelchair access, additional assistance, or paying with cash must continue to board at the front door.

All-Door Boarding is not a new concept; it is used by transit systems around the country and has been shown to speed up service and trip reliability by reducing customer boarding time by 12 to 20 percent.

All-Door Boarding is currently available on the following routes, with plans to add other routes in the future. Be sure to check back here for the updated route listing.

  • 32, 36 - Pennsylvania Avenue
  • 16A, C, M - Columbia Pike
  • F4 - New Carrollton-Silver Spring
  • T18 - Annapolis Road

All-Door Boarding