People Behind the Project - Jameshia Peterson

People Behind the Project – Jameshia Peterson    
Jameshia Peterson
Shuttle Bus Planning Manager, Office of Bus Capital and Operations Support

Jameshia Peterson has been with Metro since 2021 and serves as the Shuttle Bus Planning Manager for the Office of Bus Capital and Operations Support. Jameshia and her team are helping to keep customers moving throughout the Orange Line station closures through shuttle bus service available between the closed stations and Stadium-Armory.

The Platform Improvement Project (PIP) helps modernize and improve safety and revitalize infrastructure at stations within our communities. The impacts to rail service tend to be the primary focus of riders, but shuttle bus planning and operational support are an intricate part of the project. As Shuttle Bus Planning Manager, Jameshia is committed to "essentially filling the void while rail service is suspended." Her priority is to provide exceptional alternative travel options to ensure riders don't miss a beat during the station closures.

Several elements determine how shuttle service will run as alternative travel during a closure, including developing service plans; collecting data; determining staffing; signage and security; supporting the public with customer service; and traffic management needs. Jameshia and her team work to uncover the intricacies of bus service needs, determine the implications for customers and plan months in advance to prepare and support other Metro departments and riders as they navigate the closures.

When discussing what the Platform Improvement Project means to the community, Jameshia expresses excitement for improvements like the slip-resistant tile, and modern, stainless-steel shelters with power outlets. "I'm also really excited about the premier service we provide to customers during the closures, from the cleanliness of our buses and shuttles, to the routes we created to promote ease and efficiency. The main measurement of success is the quality experience we provide to customers, which leads to ridership retention."

"People often ask me what I enjoy about the transportation industry. Transportation is life! It's the thread that connects our lives, whether it's the movement of people or goods from place to place. Everything requires transportation. Without it, nothing gets done."