People Behind the Project - Jacqueline Cook

    People Behind the Project – Jacqueline Cook    
Jacqueline Cook
Station Manager

Jacqueline Cook has been with Metro for over 19 years. Throughout her tenure she's served in numerous capacities, including Bus Operator, Train Operator, and Station Manager. As a Station Manager, Jacqueline is responsible for managing daily station operations; engaging with customers; providing customer service; overseeing station security; communicating train updates to customers; and ensuring her stations open and close safely each day.


With the reopening of the Orange Line stations, Jacqueline is excited for customers to experience the new customer safety enhancements. "These improvements are new and innovative. We are providing a modern experience for today's customers."

Jacqueline is looking forward to customers having an all new experience when the Orange Line stations reopen. “The project signifies more than platform rehabilitation across multiple stations; it marks the start of a new chapter for Metro and our customers. We're providing modern, safe amenities, including slip-resistant tiles, new faregates, larger Passenger Information Displays, and new shelters. Whether you're a regular customer or visiting from out-of-town, you get to see the elevation of our system.”

One of the things Jacqueline loves most about her job is her chance to serve others. "As a Station Manager, I help people get from one destination to the next. At Metro, we have a great responsibility to support customers—and I'm proud to help. I never know who I'll meet when I start my day, but I know the goal is the same–to provide excellent customer service.”

Jacqueline recalls a time when an out-of-town customer needed help getting to the train and was concerned about being late to a 9/11 remembrance event at the White House, where the customer was being honored. "He was so grateful for the assistance. It was a great reminder that you never know how your service can positively impact someone's day."

When Jacqueline is not managing stations, she enjoys traveling and reading. "I'm an avid reader. There's something about holding a book and turning the pages. Call me old school, but it’s the best way to wrap up the day."