For immediate release: February 11, 2022

Metrorail to increase weekday Blue, Orange and Silver line service

Additional weekday service improvements will start Monday, February 14, with customers seeing more trains, more often on the Blue, Orange and Silver lines, at least every 20 minutes. 

The change expands on earlier service improvements to the Red (every 12 minutes), Green and Yellow lines (every 20 minutes). 

The improvements add capacity, reduce crowding on platforms and offer customers trains as frequently as every seven to 10 minutes at stations that are served by multiple lines throughout the system. Since pausing the return of the 7000-series fleet to focus on root cause analysis, rail maintenance staff have concentrated on restoring more of the legacy fleet (2000-, 3000-, and 6000-series) to improve reliability. 

“We appreciate the patience of our customers,” said General Manager and Chief Executive Officer Paul J. Wiedefeld. “Our focus on making the legacy fleet available is allowing us to gradually add trains for passenger service, and I thank our workforce for their dedication and around-the-clock efforts to improve rail service.” 

For the past week, Metrorail has maintained availability of more than 50 trains daily including gap and spare trains which are used when railcars need to be removed from service for unexpected maintenance, customer illness, deer strikes, and other incidents. The increase of trains is sufficient to support more frequent, reliable service Monday through Friday for customers who continue to rely on Metrorail for work, travel and leisure activities throughout the region. On the weekends, customers will experience 24-minute service on Blue, Orange, and Silver lines, 20-minute service on Green and Yellow lines, and 12-minute service on the Red Line. 

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