Metro News Release

For immediate release: August 6, 2010

Metro invites software developers to discuss new transit data feed

Discussion to include types of applications that could be most useful to riders

Metro staff will meet with developers on Monday, August 9, to discuss transit data that Metro is making available for possible use in developing third-party applications for the Internet and mobile devices.

The meeting will take place from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at Metro Headquarters, 600 Fifth Street, NW, and is open to the public.

Metro staff will provide an overview of the data that Metro is making public and answer technical questions about accessing the data. In addition, staff will discuss some of the challenges that Metro riders face and announce a competition to encourage developers to create applications that address some of those specific challenges.

Challenges include providing riders with improved access to real-time data, making the data more accessible to people with disabilities and providing riders with better regional, multi-modal transportation information.

Starting August 11, Metro will offer all third-party developers immediate access to Metro’s data with a single click that will signify agreement to Metro’s terms and conditions for data use. The data will include real time next train arrival information, Metrorail line and station details, service disruptions and escalator and elevator outages.

Metrobus data will be available later in the fall, including bus arrival information, Metrobus routes, schedules and bus stops.

News release issued at 11:03 am, August 6, 2010.