Metro News Release

For immediate release: February 8, 2007

Metro Developing Plans For New Railcars

Metro is developing plans to purchase its next generation of railcars, the 7000 Series.

Metro officials need 128 rail cars for use on the Dulles Corridor Metrorail extension. The new 7000 Series railcars will look similar to the 6000 Series railcars, which feature additional overhead and seat back-to-ceiling handrails and fewer windscreens than earlier models. The floor to ceiling poles were removed from the 6000 Series railcars to eliminate obstructions in the doorways and allow improved passenger flow in the aisles. The 7000 Series will continue that concept and incorporate other improvements such as better customer information and communications systems, etc.

“Metro’s primary goal is to develop railcar designs that improved safety, reliability, comfort and efficiency,” said Steven Feil, Metrorail’s Chief Operating Officer. Metro has also been working with the Rider’s Advisory Committee (RAC) and other external stakeholders to ensure that the recommended improvements to the design have been fully reviewed and considered prior to the issuance of the request for proposals.

Metro hopes to move forward to seek a contractor this summer.


News release issued at 12:00 am, February 8, 2007.