For immediate release: September 21, 2017

Metro advises customers to expect shorter trains, possible crowding as safety concern is reviewed

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Following a safety concern for maintenance workers raised by ATU Local 689, Metro voluntarily initiated a "safety stand-down" that resulted in the temporary suspension of mechanical inspections on 7000-series railcars. The concern raised by the union involved procedures for inspecting ground brushes, which are part of the train's undercarriage that return negative electrical current to the rails. The issue does not pose a hazard to passengers.

Railcars must undergo a daily inspection in order to operate. The suspension of maintenance inspections, a voluntary action taken by Metro until the safety concern is resolved, has had the effect of fewer railcars being available for passenger service. As a result, Metro customers today may experience:

  • Fewer 8-car trains.
  • Longer waits between trains.
  • Possible crowding.

Metro has scheduled meetings with the railcar manufacturer and union representatives this morning to review and discuss the union's concern. An update is expected in the early afternoon today.