For immediate release: February 3, 2022

Metro appoints Acting Chief of Police to top position

Michael L. Anzallo assumes Metro Transit Police Chief role

Metro General Manager and Chief Executive Officer Paul J. Wiedefeld today announced that Interim Chief Michael L. Anzallo will serve as Metro Transit Police Department’s new chief. Anzallo was asked to lead MTPD in August 2021 and helped steer the department through pandemic-related challenges with an emphasis on community policing throughout the region. 

“Chief Anzallo is a trusted leader in MTPD who has built important relationships with our communities and jurisdictional police partners,” said Wiedefeld. “He demonstrates genuine concern for helping to solve very difficult challenges that are unique to our business and the region. I know he will be an effective leader for MTPD.” 

Since serving as interim chief of police, Anzallo has focused his attention on recruiting a new generation of police officers by updating outdated policies that can preclude men and women from joining MTPD ranks; bolstering support of accountability measures within MTPD that hold officers to the highest standards of policing; building positive relationships with communities in Metro’s service areas to foster collaboration and understanding of neighborhood needs while helping to reduce crimes against people near and on Metro properties; supporting stiffer penalties for proposed legislation to protect frontline transit workers from assaults; expanding police presence to support new service expansion areas in Metro’s territory; and continuing to emphasize opportunities for dedicated training that supports the future of a growing region. 

“For the majority of my life, I’ve had the pleasure of serving the public,” said Anzallo. “I’m truly honored to lead extraordinary men and women who wake up everyday with a willingness to be positive examples in our communities. I look forward to coming to work each day, and I’m excited to lead this department and elevate 21st century policing needs.” 

Prior to joining MTPD as assistant police chief in 2018, Anzallo worked as a Metropolitan police officer, rising through the ranks, and bringing more than 30 years of policing experience in the region to the role. 

“Chief Anzallo is widely respected, both for his experience as an accomplished police leader and as a reliable community partner,” says Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) Chief of Police Robert J. Contee, III. “The Metro Transit Police Department provides critical public safety services for our region, and I am confident that Chief Anzallo will lead that charge with the same level of professionalism and vigor that he did during his three decades of service with MPD.” 

Anzallo started his law enforcement career in the District in 1989, taking on a wide range of responsibilities during his tenure which includes managing several police units that focused on violent crimes including homicide, homicide cold case, major narcotics, special victims, sexual assault, forensic science and aligning the sex offender registry to better connect crimes to repeat offenders. Anzallo also previously led investigative units addressing financial crimes and fraud, intelligence, witness protection and auto theft.  

Anzallo currently coordinates Metro’s emergency management command response with area law enforcement, helping to galvanize resources that may require cross jurisdictional coordination. He also oversees transit police security programs including transit police bureaus for patrol operations, homeland security, intelligence and investigations. Anzallo will continue to provide strategic oversight for Metro’s executive management team and board of director’s on MTPD’s vision for the future.