For immediate release: September 15, 2023

Name that route, Metro wants to create Better Names for a Better Bus network

Trying to figure out the various Metrobus routes can be a puzzle with a mix of letters, numbers, and street names, express or limited-stop service. This outdated naming convention dates to Metro’s takeover of the region’s private bus companies and street cars and is about to get a refresh. For the first time in its 50-year history, Metro is looking to revamp the bus system and simplify routes with its Better Bus, Better Names campaign.

Metro has opened a survey to ask the public how Metro can name bus routes to make it easier for customers to understand and use the Metrobus system. People are encouraged to take the Better Bus, Better Names online survey until Sept. 28, to weigh in and help Metro standardize and modernize the entire bus experience throughout the region.

“Our region needs more consistency across all facets of bus stop design including signage and real-time information, accessibility, lighting and other safety elements, plus modernized shelters, seating, and other amenities,” said Metro General Manager and Chief Executive Officer Randy Clarke. “Engaging and collaborating as a region will help make a better transportation system for us all.”

Over the past year, Metro launched its Better Bus Initiative to better meet the region’s needs and improve the customer experience, from a redesigned network including priority bus lanes and technology, standardized stops, and shelters, making connections across all transit providers easier, and developing a simpler route naming system as part of a customer-focused bus network.

As part of its Network Redesign Initiative, Metro will use the results of the survey to select a route naming convention to apply to the draft Year One network – a bus network that can be implemented with the same staffing and resources as today - in the next round of engagement in winter 2024.

To take the survey, visit Bus Better Names graphic