For immediate release: February 2, 2018

NTSB closes three Metro safety recommendations including final recommendation from 2009 Red Line collision

NTSB closes three Metro safety recommendationsMetro today announced it has received notice that the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has closed three safety recommendations, including the final remaining recommendation from the 2009 Red Line collision outside Fort Totten, which called for the replacement of all 1000-series railcars.

"The closure of this recommendation is the result of the Board's investment in 7000-series railcars and reflects nearly eight years of hard work and commitment from many staff members throughout the organization," said Metro General Manager Paul J. Wiedefeld. "We are committed to improving safety and continue to work to address all remaining NTSB safety recommendations."

Under Metro's Back2Good program, Metro accelerated the retirement of the 1000- and 4000-series railcars, permanently removing all of them from service in June 2017 and replacing them with newer, safer and more reliable 7000-series railcars. 

NTSB also closed two recommendations to develop and implement operational procedures and training for tunnel ventilation as a result of the 2015 smoke incident at L'Enfant Plaza.

The three recommendations closed by NTSB are:

  • R-10-20 Remove all 1000-series railcars as soon as possible and replace them with cars that have crashworthiness collision protection at least comparable to the 6000-series railcars. CLOSED-ACCEPTABLE ACTION
  • R-15-9 Develop and implement detailed written tunnel ventilation procedures for operations control center staff that take into account the probable source location of smoke and fire, the location of the train, the best evacuation route, and unique infrastructure features; these procedures should be based on the most effective strategy for fan direction and activation to limit passengers' exposure to smoke. CLOSED-ACCEPTABLE ACTION
  • R-15-10 As part of the implementation of the procedures developed in response to Safety Recommendation R-15-9, incorporate the use of the procedures into your ongoing training and exercise programs and ensure that operations control center staff and emergency responders have ample opportunities to learn and practice activating ventilation fans. CLOSED-ACCEPTABLE ACTION

Out of 29 open safety recommendations at the start of 2018, Metro has now closed three and submitted 12 others for closure. Work continues to close the remaining 14 recommendations.

Metro continues to invest in safety, with a record $1.16 billion in capital spent last year to improve track infrastructure safety, railcar reliability and escalator performance.

Metro expects to invest another $1.25 billion in capital during fiscal year 2018, including a new preventive maintenance program to improve the safety and reliability of track infrastructure.