Bladensburg Bus Garage Reconstruction Project

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History of the Bladensburg Bus Garage

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Building the New Bladensburg

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First built in 1962, the Bladensburg Bus Garage sits on 17.59 acres bounded by Bladensburg Road NE, 25th Place NE, Douglas Street NE, and the CSX railroad line. Today, the facility is one of Metro’s oldest assets and home to some 260 buses and support vehicles.  Nearly 500 employees on-site oversee bus repairs, maintenance, inspections and much more. The reconstruction of the garage will modernize the facility and drastically improve essential bus operations and maintenance.  This modernization will also ensure the continued safe and reliable operation of the bus fleet housed at the Bladensburg Bus Garage, a fleet that provides much-needed transportation services to Metro customers throughout the District of Columbia and parts of Maryland.

The new garage will:
  • Incorporate environmental and infrastructure improvements necessary to support additional buses 
  • Continue to provide important services like maintenance space, parts storage and employee amenities 
  • Dramatically improve parking accommodations by allowing the creation of 200 40-foot-long bus spaces, 100 articulated bus spaces, and 560 employee spaces
  • Allocate space for electric bus infrastructure in the future (i.e. charging locations), consistent with Metro’s zero-emission bus plan
A three-phased demolition and construction process will allow the facility to remain open during its transformation to a state-of-the-art garage with brand new maintenance and support facilities. During construction, buses will relocate to a nearby temporary lot at the intersection of Montana Avenue NE and New York Avenue NE.

Additional information about this project, including the Environmental Report and Public Hearing Staff Report, can be found here.

Community Engagement

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