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Service Status

Red Line status Red Line Red Line: Sat & Sun, additional trains every 10 min btwn Farragut North & Silver Spring from 9AM-9PM.

Red Line: Trains run in two sections btwn Shady Grove & Silver Spring and Silver Spring & Glenmont. Transfer btwn trains at Silver Spring

Orange Line status Orange Line Orange Line: Free shuttle buses replace trains between Stadium-Armory and Cheverly through Sunday's closing

Orange Line: Minnesota Avenue and Deanwood stations are closed

Silver Line status Silver Line Silver Line: Trains operate btwn Wiehle-Reston & Ballston only. Use Orange or Blue line trains to/from other stations Alert
Blue Line status Blue Line Blue Line: Free shuttle buses replace trains between Stadium-Armory and Benning Road through Sunday's closing Alert
Yellow Line status Yellow Line Yellow Line: Trains are operating between Huntington & Mt Vernon Square only due to scheduled rebuilding Alert
Green Line status Green Line Green Line: Trains are operating every 24 minutes due to scheduled rebuilding. Check schedules at Alert

There are no Metrobus alerts at this time.
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