SafeTrack Surge #10: NoMa-Gallaudet to Fort Totten

NoMa‐Gallaudet to Fort Totten, Shutdown October 29 - November 22

Renewal of rail and power infrastructure on this portion of the Red line, including crossties, rail, fasteners, grout pads, track circuit equipment and power cables 

The critical tasks completed during the surge include:

  • Replaced more than 2,000 crossties
  • Replaced more than 5,500 linear feet of grout pad, more than Surges 1‐9 combined
  • Replaced Rhode Island Double Crossover
  • Replaced 6 ATC track circuit cables
  • Welded 105 joints
  • Replaced more than 700 insulators
  • Repaired more than 30 power cables and more than 30 pigtails
  • Upgraded 15 signals to LED which are brighter and will last longer
  • Upgraded 405 IDW boxes, an important safety feature along fence lines
  • Removed vegetation and trash from more than 38,000 feet of the track bed 
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Tie Replacement