Metrobus Service for Virginia Routes Impacted by Transdev Work Stoppage

Advisory Effective: 10/24/19 - 1/20/20

UPDATED: Effective Monday, January 20, 2020

Routes 17H has resumed normal service levels. Bus tracking may not be available for the 17G, 17H, 18P, 29K, 29N and REX in busETA. Customers may estimate arrival times based on their published schedules. 

Service during this work stoppage is as follows:

  • Route 29K, 29N and REX are operating on a Saturday schedule. Schedules for these routes can be viewed at
  • Route 17H has resumed normal service levels. Sign up for MetroAlerts to obtain information on service changes.
  • Routes 17B, 17K, 17L, 17M,18G, 18H, 18J, 18P 29C, 29G, 29W, S80, and S91 (TAGS) will not operate.

All other Virginia bus routes are operating as planned. Expect crowded conditions on some routes that serve as alternates to the routes listed above that are not operating.

Any changes to service will immediately be communicated through, MetroAlerts (our email/text alert system), and on Twitter.

Alternate Travel Options:


  • Fairfax Connector 171 along Richmond Hwy between Huntington Station and Fort Belvoir
  • Metrobus NH2 between Huntington and King St-Old Town Metrorail stations
  • Fairfax Connector 335 within Fort Belvoir
  • VRE from Lorton, Alexandria, L'Enfant Plaza, or Union stations

17B, 17K, 17L, 17M

  • Metrobus 17G and 17H
  • VRE from Burke Centre, Rolling Road, Backlick Road, L'Enfant Plaza, or Union stations

18G, 18H, 18J

  • Metrobus 18P
  • Fairfax Connector 310 along Old Keene Mill Road between Backlick-Springfield Metrorail Station and Rolling Valley Park and Ride
  • Fairfax Connector 321/322 along Industrial Drive and Industrial Road (Springfield Industrial Park)
  • Fairfax Connector 321/322 and 401/402 along Franconia Road in North Springfield
  • VRE, from Burke Centre, Rolling Road, Backlick Road, L'Enfant Plaza or Union stations

29C, 29G, 29W

  • Metrobus 29K and 29N
  • Metrobus 3A, 16A, 16L and 26A and Fairfax Connector 401/402 in central Annandale

S80, S91 (TAGS)

  • Fairfax Connector 231/232 to Metro Park (Walker Dr)
  • Fairfax Connector 310 from Old Keene Mill Rd and the Rolling Valley Park and Ride
  • Fairfax Connector 321, 322, 401/402 for service to Springfield Town Center and Loisdale Court (near Springfield Hilton)

Additional Options

  • Slug lines are available to various points. Visit and to identify additional locations click here.

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Trip Planning at may not reflect the routes that are not operating. For Customer Service assistance, call 202.637.7000, tweet us on Twitter, send us Facebook message, or chat with us here.