New Carrollton South Side Reconfiguration

Advisory Effective: 4/16/18 - 1/31/19

Beginning April 30th, 2018 through Winter 2018, the south side access area of New Carrollton Metrorail Station will undergo a series of reconfigurations to improve station access and to build a new connector road.

Initial construction of the station access improvements will have four phases that will impact pedestrian and vehicular access in different ways, including reconfigured intersections, access road and sidewalk closures, and parking space relocations.

Phase 1, April 30 - August 2018, approximately 20 parking spaces will be temporarily closed in Park & Ride Lot 2 and the sidewalk next to Bus Bay F will be closed to the public. For your safety, follow all construction notices and signs.

New Carrollton reconfiguration phase 1Details of this joint development project are available in the Staff Report: Proposed changes to WMATA facilities at New Carrollton Metrorail Station

This advisory will be updated as additional information becomes available.