Metrobus Service Changes, June 25

Advisory Effective: 6/25/17 - 7/17/17

Schedule Change

The following routes will have new timetables starting June 25 that reflect schedule changes, added or discontinued trips, and trip time adjustments.  New schedule information will be available mid June on

  • District of Columbia: 30N, 30S, 42, 43*, 52, 54, 64, 70, 80, 90, 92, 96, A2, A6, A8, D8, E4, E6*, G2*, G8, H4, H8, L2, N2*, N4*, N6*, S1*, S2*, S4*, S9*, W4, X2
  • Maryland: 89, B30*, C4, C11, C13, C21, C22, C26, F4, F13*, H11, H12, H13, J2, J5*, K6, P12, P17*, P18*, P19*, Q1, Q4, T2, W13*, W14*, W19*, Y2, Y7, Y8, Z7
  • Virginia: 1A, 1C, 2A, 2B, 2T*, 5A, 7W, 7X*, 10A, 10N*, 13Y*, 15K*, 15L*, 16B, 16E, 16J, 16P, 16Y, 17A*, 17B*, 17F*, 17M*, 18P*, 18R*, 18S*, 23B, 28A*, 28X*, 38B, REX*

*Note: See additional information under Service Changes.

Service Changes

Service on the following routes will be changed or eliminated. Some changes may impact service to some bus stops and Metrorail stations.


43 Mount Pleasant 

  • Afternoon buses will begin service at a new stop along westbound I (Eye) Street west of 14th Street NW.  Buses will no longer serve Franklin Square.

E6 Chevy Chase

  • Buses will operate a long-term detour due to the closure of Oregon Avenue NW to accommodate utility work.  The new schedule reflects adjusted trip times.

G2 P Street-LeDroit Park
N2, N4, N6 Massachusetts Avenue

  • Buses will resume service along P Street between 18th Street and Dupont Circle NW due to the completion of long-term construction.

S1 16th Street-Potomac Park

  • All morning trips will serve stops along northbound 14th Street between Buchanan Street and Missouri Avenue NW.

S2, S4 16th Street
S9 16th Street Limited

  • Route S2 and S4 service will be simplified, with most trips operating between Federal Triangle and Silver Spring.  Service at stops along 14th Street NW will be discontinued, with alternate service available on Route S1.
  • Additional Route S9 limited-stop trips will be added to the schedule, including  trips between 16th Street & Missouri Avenue NW and Franklin Square during morning rush hour and between Franklin Square and 16th Street & Colorado Avenue NW during afternoon rush hour.


B30 Greenbelt-BWI Airport

  • On weekdays, the time between buses will change from every 40 minutes to every 60 minutes.
  • Saturday and Sunday service will be eliminated.

F13 Cheverly-Washington Business Park

  • Buses will be rerouted near Washington Business Park. From northbound Martin Luther King, Jr. Highway, buses will operate to Lottsford-Vista Road, Forbes Boulevard and Philadelphia Way before returning to southbound Martin Luther King, Jr. Highway.
  • Service along Boston Way will be discontinued.  Nearby stops will be served along Forbes Boulevard at Boston Way.

J5 Twinbrook-Silver Spring

  • Route will be eliminated.  Travel alternatives: Red Line; Metrobus C4, J1, J2, J3, Q1, Q2, Q4; Ride On 46.

P17, P18, P19 Oxon Hill-Fort Washington

  • Route P17 and P19 service to downtown DC will be discontinued.
  • Route P17 trips will be replaced by Route P18 trips operating between Southern Avenue Metrorail Station and Fort Washington Park & Ride via Fort Foote and Tantallon.
  • Route P19 trips will operate between Southern Avenue Metrorail Station and Fort Washington Park & Ride.
  • Regular fare will be charged on all trips.

W13, W14 Bock Road

  • Route W13 trips will be replaced by Route W14 trips operating between Southern Avenue Metrorail Station, Friendly, and Fort Washington Forest.  (Some trips will continue to begin and end at Friendly.)
  • Regular fare will be charged on all trips.

W19 Indian Head Express

  • Route will be eliminated.  Travel alternatives: MTA Commuter Bus 640, 650


2T Tysons Corner-Dunn Loring

  • Route 2T will be eliminated.  Travel alternatives: Fairfax Connector 461, 462, 463

7X Lincolnia-Pentagon

  • Route 7X will be eliminated.  Travel alternatives: Metrobus 7W
10N Washington National Airport

  • New Friday and Saturday late night and Sunday early morning service will operate between Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, Crystal City and Pentagon Metrorail stations in response to the change in Metrorail service hours.  Connections to DC and other Virginia bus service will be available at the Pentagon.

13Y Arlington-Union Station

  • Route 13Y will be eliminated.

15K, 15L Chain Bridge Road

  • Most morning and all afternoon service will operate between East Falls Church Metrorail Station and McLean-Langley as Route 15K.  The first morning northbound Route 15K trip will depart Rosslyn Metrorail Station to allow for early connections between Metrorail and Langley.
  • Route 15L service will be eliminated.  Travel alternatives: Metrobus 15K; Fairfax Connector 721; ART 53, 55

17A, 17B, 17F, 17M Kings Park

  • Route 17B trips will be changed to operate between Burke Centre VRE Park & Ride and Pentagon Metrorail Station.  Route 17B service to Kings Park West (Zion Drive, Sideburn Road and Commonwealth Boulevard) will be discontinued.
  • The Kings Park Line will be renamed Kings Park-North Springfield Line.
  • Routes 17A and 17F will be eliminated.  Travel alternatives: Metrobus 17B, 17G, 17H, 17K, 17L, 17M; Fairfax Connector 306, 401, 402

18P, 18R, 18S Burke Centre

  • Additional Route 18P morning trips will be added to the schedule.
  • Route 18R and 18S service will be eliminated.  Travel alternatives: Metrobus 18H, 18P; Fairfax Connector 305, 310

28A Leesburg Pike

  • Westbound trips to Tysons Corner Metrorail Station will not operate via Tysons Corner Center (Towers Crescent Drive, Tysons One Place and Fashion Boulevard). Eastbound trips to King Street-Old Town Metrorail Station will continue to operate via Tysons Corner Center.

28X Leesburg Pike Limited

  • Route 28X will be eliminated.  Travel alternatives: Metrobus 26A, 28A

REX Richmond Highway Express

  • Weekday service will extend to the Fort Belvoir Post Exchange/Commissary via Gunston Road.
  • Service to Jackson Loop will be discontinued. Nearby stops will be served along Gunston Road at 5th Street.

Additionally, fares will change on Metrorail and Metrobus. Metrorail will have new hours of operation and new parking fees.  Learn more here.