Greenbelt Concrete & Pavement Repair Project

Advisory Effective: 6/1/19 - 1/13/20

Update: September 20, 2019: Phase 2: Park & Ride Repairs are underway. Phase 3: Access Road Repairs begin September 30.

Beginning July 8, 2019, for approximately 1 year, the Greenbelt Metrorail Station Parking Lots, Kiss & Ride and sidewalks will undergo concrete and paving repair.

Greenbelt concrete repair overview


This repair work will have three phases that will impact pedestrian and vehicular access in different ways, including reconfigured intersections, access road and sidewalk closures, and parking space relocations.

Customers should be prepared for loud noise and changes in vehicular and pedestrian access. For your safety, stay clear of active construction sites and follow all posted signs.

  • Phase 1: Kiss & Ride Repairs will close half of the Kiss & Ride Lot 2. Kiss & Ride Lot 1 will be closed for the weekend of August 3-4.
  • Phase 2: Park & Ride Lot Repairs will close approximately 500-700 parking spaces beginning July 29. This work will last through November, 2019. Customers should consider parking at Prince George’s Plaza during this phase.
  • Phase 3: There will be temporary road closures and detours during weekday middays, evenings and weekends.

Each phase will last approximately 1-2 months except Phase 2 that is expected to last 2-3 months and will include additional weekend closures. This work requires specific weather conditions and may be delayed as a result.

Accessible parking spaces that are temporarily closed during construction will be relocated. Please look for posted signs. Vehicles parked in marked construction zones will be subject to towing.

Vehicles parked in marked construction zones will be subject to towing.

Affected Rail Stations: