Farragut Crossing

Farragut Crossing, is a "virtual tunnel" between Farragut West (17th & I street) and Farragut North (Connecticut Ave & K street) stations that gives customers the option to transfer above ground between the Red LineRed and  Orange LineOrange,   Silver LineSilver and   Blue LineBlue lines.

Customers can exit either Farragut North or West, walk a short distance above ground around Farragut Square and reenter the system at the other Farragut station without paying extra. Previously, Metro's fare system would have interpreted the transfer as two separate trips.

The Farragut Crossing feature gives customers another option than Metro Center when transferring between the Red and Orange, Silver and Blue lines. A customer traveling from Ballston to Bethesda, for example, can now exit at Farragut West, walk across the square and reenter at Farragut North to continue their trip. With Farragut Crossing, customers are charged for a singe continuous trip.

Simply tap your SmarTrip card each time you enter or exit the Metrorail system and you have 30 minutes to complete the outdoor transfer, allowing plenty of time to grab a sandwich along the way.