Metrobus Service Changes, March 25, 2018

Advisory Effective: 3/25/18 - 4/25/18

UPDATED: March 23, 2018

Effective Sunday, March 25, 2018, service changes will be implemented in Maryland on routes C21, C22, C27, C29, J2 and J3. Changes will also be made in the District of Columbia on routes 63, S9, U5 and U6. All routes listed will have new schedules with revised trip times. To view timetables and to receive up-to-date information, visit or call (202) 637-7000 for details.

The changes below will not be reflected in BusETA until April 8, 2018.


C22, C29 Central Avenue

Buses will no longer operate service on Harry S. Truman Drive south of Mount Lubentia Way due to a long-term construction project. Stops along Harry S Truman Drive near Mount Lubentia Way, New Orchard Drive, Woodlawn Boulevard, and Birdie Lane will not be served. Customers may board buses at stops along Mount Lubentia Way near Harry S. Truman Drive. More information.

C21, C22, C27, C29 Central Avenue 

A new eastbound stop will be established on Central Avenue at Jennings Mill Rd, stop #3004346. The stop will only be served by buses that end service at Pointer Ridge.

J2, J3 Bethesda-Silver Spring

The following bus stops will be eliminated:

  • West Cedar Lane & Cyprus Avenue, eastbound, stop #2001219
  • West Cedar Lane & Cedar Way, eastbound, stop #2001202
  • Rockville Pike & Center Drive, eastbound, stop #2000916
  • Old Georgetown Road & N Brook Lane, westbound, stop #2000993
  • Old Georgetown Road & Maple Ridge Road, westbound, stop #2000994. 

A new eastbound bus stop will be added on Rockville Pike & North Drive, stop #2005260.


63 Takoma-Petworth 

The southbound bus stop on 13th St at I St NW, stop #1001190 will no longer be served. Routes D6 and G9 will continue to serve this stop.

S9 16th Street Limited

Stops on Alaska Ave at Dahlia St NW, southbound, stop #1002892 and Alaska Ave at Dahlia St NW, northbound, stop #1002929 will no longer be served by route S9. Route S2 will continue to serve these stops. Buses will begin serving stops on 16th St at Aspen St NW, southbound, stop #1002894 and 16th St at Aspen St NW, northbound, stop #1002927.

U5, U6 Mayfair-Marshall Heights

Buses will return to regular route in Mayfair via Kenilworth Terrace, Foote Street and Barnes Street NE. A new northbound bus stop will be added on Foote Street at Barnes St NE, stop #1003887. The westbound bus stop on Roosevelt Place at Barnes Street NE, stop #1003773, will be eliminated.