Bus Bay Relocation: Prince George’s Plaza, May 15-June 6

Advisory Effective: 5/15/17 - 6/6/17

UPDATED: June 6, 2017 

Effective: Monday, May 15 through Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Routes Affected: 86, C4, F4, F6, F8 and R4

Due to construction at Prince George’s Plaza, bus bays assignments will temporarily change. Construction will be done in two phases. During phase 1, bus bays E, F, G and H will be closed and buses will serve bus bays A, B, C and D only

Phase 1 temporary bus bay assignments:

Bus Bay A

F6 New Carrollton-Fort Totten eastbound toward New Carrollton

R4 Queens Chapel Rd southbound toward Brookland

R4 Queens Chapel Rd northbound toward Highview

Bus Bay B

86 College Park northbound toward Calverton

86 College Park southbound toward Rhode Island Ave

Bus Bay C

F8 Langley Park-Cheverly northbound toward Langley Park

F8 Langley Park-Cheverly southbound toward Cheverly

C4 Greenbelt-Twinbrook westbound toward Twinbrook

Bus Bay D

F4 New Carrollton-Silver Spring eastbound toward New Carrollton

F4 New Carrollton-Silver Spring westbound toward Silver Spring 

F6 New Carrollton-Fort Totten westbound toward Fort Totten 

PG Plaza Bus Bay Relocation Phase 1