SafeTrack Surge #9: Vienna to West Falls Church

Progress Report as of 9/28/16

West Falls Church to Vienna, Continuous Single Tracking September 15 - October 26 (with Shutdowns September 24‐25, October 1‐2, 8‐9 and 15‐16)

Renewal of rail and power infrastructure on this portion of the Orange line, including crossties, track circuit equipment, and power

The critical tasks completed during the surge include:

  • Replaced over 7,000 crossties
  • Welded 97 joints
  • Replaced over 400 insulators
  • Repaired over 140 power cables and over 80 pigtails
  • Upgraded 48 signals to LED which are brighter and will last longer.
  • 1090 Intrusion Detection Warning System boxes were upgraded. These are an important safety feature along fence lines.
  • Inspected and repaired power and IT connections to emergency trip station boxes, ensuring that power can be quickly removed from the third rail in case of emergencies
  • Removed vegetation and trash from over 30,000 feet of the track bed, improving drainage and eliminating fire hazards.
  • Replaced missing or damaged signs and labeling. 
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