SafeTrack Surge #2: Eastern Market - Minnesota Ave/Benning Rd

Final Progress Report as of 7/05/16

Eastern Market to Minnesota Ave & Benning Road, Line Segment Shutdown June 18 - July 3

The focus of Surge 2 is to repair/replace four major switches that allow trains to move from one track to another at the D&G junction, where the Orange, Blue and Silver lines split after Stadium‐Armory Station. In addition, crews renewed most of the other rail infrastructure in this area, including crossties, rail, fasteners, signals, and power cables.

Critical tasks accomplished during the surge include:

  • Replacement of 4 major switches
  • Replacement of over 500 crossties
  • Renewal of over 230 insulators
  • Elimination of over 20 joints
  • Renewal of over 2,000 linear feet of grout pads
  • Renewal of 12 signals
  • Inspection and repair of over 180 power cables
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