Platform reconstruction at Reagan National Airport Station to begin August 8

Advisory Effective: 7/27/20 - 12/31/20

Platform reconstruction work at Reagan National Airport Station will begin on Saturday, August 8, to address critical structural issues presented by crumbling concrete in need of immediate repair. The station is one of few in the Metro system with three tracks, so the station will remain open during platform reconstruction with one track taken out of service at a time. This will allow trains to continue serving the station and should prevent any major impacts to regular train service.

The work was previously scheduled for fall 2022/spring 2023 to follow completion of the airport’s “Project Journey” construction effort. However, due to the existing platform conditions, the work is being advanced on an accelerated timeframe. The work will focus on reconstructing the concrete and granite platform edge and installing new slip-resistant tiles on the platform. The installation of other customer experience improvements, such as new customer shelters and information screens, will be completed at a later date.Conditions at Reagan National Airport platform in July 2020Conditions at Reagan National Airport platform in July 2020Current conditions at Reagan National Airport Station.  

Airport traveler information

While the station will remain open during platform reconstruction, there will be full or partial platform closures. Both station entrances will remain open. Signs will be placed at the entrances and throughout the station to direct customers to their trains.

Tentative schedule*

  • Phase 1: Platform 1 (platform nearest the airport) will be closed for seven weeks (August 8 – late-September)
  • Phase 2: Platform 2 (platform nearest the parking garage) will be closed for seven weeks (late-September – mid-November)
  • Phase 3: Portions of both platforms will be closed for six weeks (mid-November – December 25) 

    *Dates are approximate and subject to change

About the Platform Improvement Project

Reagan National Airport will be the eleventh station to have its platforms repaired under Metro’s Platform Improvement Project. Six Blue and Yellow line stations were completed during summer 2019, four Orange Line stations are underway this summer and are on track for completion by Labor Day and nine stations will remain after Reagan National Airport is completed.

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