Metro prepares for return to service with continued testing at stations and on tracks

Published: Thursday, September 5, 2019

With just a few days until the Blue and Yellow line stations south of Reagan National Airport reopen, Metro staff and the contractor teams are working around the clock to prepare for the return to service. Crews have brought power back to the stations and tracks; are testing fire alarm and public-address systems; connecting new Passenger Information Displays (PIDs) and digital screens; and running elevators and escalators.

Additional safety and communication testing is being performed this week, including fire alarm systems, elevator and escalator functions, emergency power and PA systems. The stations will reopen with all necessary operations and safety systems fully tested and running; however, customers should expect some ongoing construction activity. This includes tile work in station mezzanines and final connectivity of digital screens.

Braddock Rd - fire alarm systems are being tested 

Eisenhower Ave Final PID
 Eisenhower Ave –crews are completing installation and connecting power to 55” Passenger Information Displays

Huntington - escalator testing

King St-Old Town Elevator
King St-Old Town - final installation and cleaning of station elevator

Van Dorn St –testing the public address system

In the coming days as the construction crews finish punch-list items, remove equipment and clean the stations, Metro operations teams are inspecting the tracks with Metro’s specially designed track geometry vehicle (TGV). The TGV uses a variety of censors to test the track alignment, curvature and safety parameters of the renovated tracks south of Reagan National Airport. In addition to the TGV, the public may see test trains operating between the closed stations before opening day.

King St-Old Town – construction vehicles lining up across the platform to depart the work area for final track testing

TGV TrainTrackwork team analyzing data on the track geometry vehicle (TGV)

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