One month down: Orange Line station construction update

Published: Tuesday, June 23, 2020

One month into the Orange Line station closures, construction is progressing at Vienna, Dunn Loring, West Falls Church and East Falls Church stations. While some demolition work remains, much of the work has shifted toward platform reconstruction and station improvements. Concrete platform edges have been poured at all the stations, and the installation of new slip-resistant mezzanine tile and wiring for communications and safety improvements continues. While the purpose of this reconstruction work is to make the stations safer and more accessible, it’s also preparing the platforms for new customer experience improvements similar to those that were installed at six Blue and Yellow line stations as part of last year’s Platform Improvement Project. Here are some station-by-station highlights from the work that took place at the four Orange Line stations over the past two weeks.


At Vienna, crews have been delivering granite to the platform in preparation for new granite edge installation. They have also started assembling the frames for the new skylights at the station. In the station’s pedestrian bridge, the topping slab (the layer of concrete that is directly below the tile) has been placed in preparation for new slip-resistant tile. Crews have begun installing new elevator cladding, and mezzanine tile installation is about halfway finished at the station.

Vienna construction update 6/28

Vienna – View of platform reconstruction across I-66 (left). Metal pylons for future wayfinding signage and lighting on the platform(right).    

Dunn Loring

At Dunn Loring, crews have started prepping the platform’s surface for topping slab placement. Crews have also been delivering granite to the platform in preparation for new granite edge installation. Safety improvement installation is underway, as crews have finished pulling fire alarm wire through the new conduit and are now working to install new fire alarm devices. Conduit and wire installation for new and improved station lighting and speakers is also in progress. In the station’s pedestrian bridge, crews have started installing framing for the metal panel ceiling.

Dunn Loring Construction Update 6/28

Dunn Loring – Pouring concrete for the platform edge (left). New speaker covers installed (right).    

West Falls Church

At West Falls Church, crews have started placing concrete for the topping slab on the south platform. Crews have also installed metal pylons on both platforms that will eventually be used for new wayfinding signage and new, brighter lighting. About half of the new granite platform edges have been installed across both platforms. Away from the platform, crews have installed the majority of the new slip-resistant tile in the mezzanine and pedestrian bridge.

West Falls Church Construction Update 6/28

West Falls Church – Concrete topping slab placed on the south platform (left). New tile installed in the mezzanine (right).    

East Falls Church

At East Falls Church, crews have started installing the new granite edges on both sides of the platform. They are also preparing to install the new skylights above the platform, with all of the necessary materials moved to the roof. Away from the platform, elevators have been repaired and painted and mezzanine tile installation is nearly halfway completed.

East Falls Church construction update 6/28

East Falls Church – Skylight frame being lifted onto the roof (left). Elevator painted for corrosion protection (right).    

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