Orange Line platform construction update

Published: Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Two weeks into the summer shutdown, construction activity is well underway at Vienna, Dunn Loring, West Falls Church and East Falls Church stations. So far, construction crews have focused on demolition work, including the removal of all tiles from the platforms, mezzanines and pedestrian bridges. They are also preparing for the pouring of new concrete platform edges, including the installation of supportive shoring. Here are some additional highlights from the work that took place at the four Orange Line stations over the past two weeks.


Work at the stations includes more than just platform reconstruction. At Vienna, crews have removed old elevator cladding and started installing a new grid for ceiling panels in the north pedestrian bridge. They also finished demolishing windscreen framing bays in the mezzanine to provide access for the use of a mini-crane needed to lift the heavy granite platform edges into place. Placing concrete on the platform edges has also begun.

Vienna June 9 Construction UpdateVienna – Installing forms along the platform edge (left). View of construction activity on the platform (right).

Dunn Loring

Crews brought in heavy machinery to demolish the existing platform, including the platform tile and concrete topping slab. With the existing platform edges removed, crews are finishing formwork and rebar for pouring the new concrete edges. They are also removing old light fixtures, installing conduit for new lighting and installing new wiring for an improved fire alarm system.

Dunn Loring June 9 Construction Update Dunn Loring – Demolishing the platform topping slab (left). View of the platform after topping slab demolition (right).

West Falls Church

With all of the old tile removed at West Falls Church station, the team began installing new slip-resistant tiles in the station mezzanine and pedestrian bridge. The installation of the granite platform edge is underway on two sides of the platform, and crews have finished pouring the concrete edges on the other two sides.

West Falls Church June 9 Construction at the Platform West Falls Church – Removing old granite edges from the platform (left). Installing edge forms in preparation for pouring concrete (right).

East Falls Church

Crews demolished the asphalt roof and finished hand demolition of the track edge. They also removed elevator cladding on the platform and demolished the fire standpipe. New concrete edges have been poured and crews are prepping to start installing granite edges.
East Falls Church June 9 Construction at the Platform East Falls Church – Protecting the track during saw cutting (left). Saw cutting concrete and granite edges (right).

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