March 24 Construction Update

Published: Wednesday, March 24, 2021

The original concrete platforms have been demolished at Addison Rd and Arlington Cemetery stations, and nearly all of the new granite edges have been installed. These are significant milestones in the project, allowing crews to move onto the reconstruction phase of the work. This phase includes building the brand-new concrete platform and installing new customer experience improvements. Below is an overview of the most recent work underway at each of the stations.

Addison Rd Station

Here, the granite edge on one side of the platform has been completely installed, while placement of the topping slab is finished on one side. Crews remain busy with crack repairs, installation of the new public address system, preparation of conduit and wiring for other station improvements like digital screens and security cameras, and placement of slip-resistant tiles in the mezzanine area. Within the next two weeks, the project team expects to finish up the crack repairs, finish waterproofing the topping slab on the platform, and finish installing slip-resistant platform tiles on half the platform along with framing for the skylights and windscreens. Work activities are set to switch from the track two side to the track one side of the platform on April 3.
Topping slab placement at Addison RdTopping slab placement
Slip-resistant tile installation in mezzanine areaSlip-resistant tile installation in mezzanine area

Arlington Cemetery Station

At this station, construction crews have finished installing the granite edges on both platforms and are pouring the topping slabs to prepare the platforms for installation of slip-resistant tile. Here, crews have also finished installing slip-resistant tile in the mezzanine. Over the next few weeks, crews will start tiling both platforms, continue with pylon structure installation, begin edge lights installation, as well as continue to perform wiring and electrical work to prepare for station improvements.
Granite edge installation at Arlington CemeteryGranite edge installation
Pouring the track edgePouring the track edge

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