Final installation and testing underway at stations

Published: Thursday, August 29, 2019

 As we approach the final week of this summer's Blue and Yellow line shutdown, all of the platform edges have been completely rebuilt and new slip-resistant tile is in place on the platforms at all six stations. Finishing work is being completed at the stations and rigorous testing and coordination is underway to turn the equipment back over to Metro.

With 10 days left until the stations reopen on Sept. 9, Metro and its contractors are teaming up to ensure all components that were replaced and repaired this summer have been tested for operational readiness. This includes: 

  • testing the alignment between the new platform edges and the tracks; 
  • bringing power back to the stations' public address systems, digital displays, fire alarms, elevators and escalators;
  • reconnecting these systems to Metro's networks; and
  • ensuring that all safety measures have been met.
As you can see in today's update, crews continue to install and test conduits and wiring for electricity and communication networks, as well as the customer experience improvements, and are putting finishing touches on the platforms and other areas in the station where improvements are being made. At some stations, this finishing work will continue after the stations reopen and service has resumed.

Across all stations, wiring is underway for digital displays:

PID at Van Dorn St
Van Dorn St - PID screens installed
Braddock Rd Shelter
Braddock Rd - crews are putting the finishing touches on platform shelters
Van Dorn St wires
Van Dorn St - wires for new digital map displays are installed
Braddock Rd Digital Ad Frame
Braddock Rd - frames for digital ad displays have been installed

Safety, communication and convenience features will continue to be tested leading up to the stations' reopening:

Eisenhower Ave TilesEisenhower Ave - mezzanine tile installation continues and lights are installed along handrails
Eisenhower Ave lightsEisenhower Ave - conduit is run and tested to return electricity across the platforms
Franconia grouting
Franconia-Springfield - grouting the platform edge

Progress is underway for additional station upgrades:

King St-Old Town trash
King St-Old Town - trash receptacles are being installed on the platforms
Eisenhower Ave demolitionEisenhower Ave - demolition is underway for bus shelter renovations, which will continue after the station reopens

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