Our Health & Safety Commitment

The American Public Transportation Association’s Safety & Health Commitments Program was established to protect riders and employees so that public transportation can continue to deliver safe, valuable services to everyone.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Metro has worked tirelessly to keep riders safe from infection from the coronavirus. By signing on to the APTA Health and Safety Commitments Program with more than 100 public transit systems, Metro and the public transit industry are actively working to instill confidence in riders that it’s committed to protecting their health and safety.

The program centers on shared commitments during the COVID-19 crisis – Metro is doing our part and our customers are doing theirs.  The Seal of Commitment means Metro has pledged to institute policies and practices:

  • Follow Official Guidance
  • Protect Each Other through smart practices and behaviors
  • Make Informed Choices based on timely information
  • Put Health First

Metro has pledged to meet these commitments by creating specific policies that are effective for our system, our riders, and our community. A key component of the Health and Safety Commitments Program is the shared responsibility of our system and our riders to follow the guidelines. Riders rely on us to follow these commitments, and Metro relies on riders to protect themselves and other customers.

Because We’re All in This Together.

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