Accessibility of Platform at Braddock Rd Station

Optimal Boarding Area

Due to track settling and station design, Braddock Road station now has some platform edge-to-train gaps which are no longer ADA-compliant.

Metro is working on designs for permanent repair of these platforms.

Optimal boarding and alighting areas at Braddock Road have been identified and marked on the platforms for customers using mobility devices until permanent repairs can be made.

Braddock Road platform marking w

If traveling in the direction of Mt Vernon Sq/Fort Totten/Largo Town Center, board at the front of the train, using cars 1, 2 or 3.

If traveling in the direction of Huntington/Franconia-Springfield, board towards the rear of the train, using cars 4, 5 or 6.

To determine the number of cars on a particular train, refer to passenger information display screens on the platform or ask a station manager.

Thank you for your patience as we upgrade the Metrorail system.