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MetroAccess may refer to a variety of scheduling terms when you book a trip online or by telephone. Descriptions of these terms are provided below.

  • Pick-up Request Time
    The Pick-up Request Time is the time a MetroAccess customer requests to be picked up.
  • Scheduling Window
    The Scheduling Window is the period of time for which MetroAccess can book the trip of a customer who has submitted a Pick-up Request Time. MetroAccess uses a 1-hour Scheduling Window, i.e. 30-minutes before thru 30-minutes after the Pick-up Request Time. From July 1, 2019, until June 30, 2020, MetroAccess will pilot the use of a 90-minute Scheduling Window, i.e. 45-minutes before to 45-minutes after The Pick-up Request Time.

    Example of a 90-minute Scheduling Window
    MetroAccess receives the request of a customer to be picked up on May 7, 2019 at 4:00pm.
    MetroAccess will book that trip somewhere between 3:15pmand 4:45pm.
  • Pick-up Time
    The Pick-up Time is the actual time the customer's MetroAccess trip has been scheduled for.
  • Pick-up Window
    The Pick-up window is the period of time for which MetroAccess can arrive to pick-up a customer and be considered on-time. MetroAccess uses a 30-minute Pick-up Window, i.e. 15-minutes before thru 15-minutes after the Pick-up Time.
  • Appointment Time
    The Appointment Time is the time a MetroAccess customer requests to arrive at their destination. MetroAccess does not use a Scheduling Window for trips by Appointment Time. MetroAccess provides the customer a Pick-up Time intended to ensure arrival before the Appointment Time.
  • Fare Calculation
    MetroAccess fares are two times the fastest comparable fixed-route fare, with a maximum fare of $6.50. The MetroAccess Fare Calculator uses a 30-minute window around the Pick-up Request Time to find the lowest fare. There will be no impact to the customer fare as a result of the expanded Scheduling Window.