Branch Ave/Huntington Platform Wayfinding to WMATA HQ Using Elevators

Upper Level (Branch Ave/Huntington) to WMATA HQ

L'Enfant Plaza Metro Station

WMATA Headquarters - 300 7th Street, SW

Elevator Path
  • If arriving on the Green/Yellow line in the Branch Avenue/Huntington direction
  • Train Doors Open on the right
  • Uses the Maryland Ave and 7th elevator exit

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Turn to the left and head to the end of the platform for the elevator to the mezzanine level.

A picture of the Branch Avenue/Huntington Platform towards the end of the platform. The metro tracks are on the right and the wall and some benches are on the left.

At the end of the platform, the elevator doors are on the left.

A picture of the elevator alcove on the Upper Level platform for the Branch Avenue/Huntington side. The elevator is in the corner on the left.

When exiting the elevator, walk forward until you come to the railing in about 25 ft. Turn right and follow the railing that will direct you to the faregates

A picture of the path out of the elevator on the mezzanine level towards guide rails. There are walls close in on both sides of the path. A picture of the guide rail pathing towards the faregates on the mezzanine level. The railing is on the left and there is a concrete wall on the right.

The ADA accessible faregate is closest to the station manager's kiosk. Turn left and go about 20 ft to reach the faregate

A picture of the faregates at the exit that leads to the street elevator for 7th Street and Maryland Avenue. The ADA faregate is furthest to the right in this picture.

Once through the faregate, go about 60 ft so that you are past the railing that guided you towards the faregates

A picture of the mezzanine after the faregates. The guide rail on the left will lead to the correct path and then will end.

Turn left and you will be facing the elevator that will take you to the street level. Proceed to the end of the elevator alcove (about 60 ft) where you can call the elevator

A picture of the path to the elevator that goes to street level. The picture shows the elevator is set into the rest of the station wall.

From the Metro street elevator, turn to the left and go about 100 ft to the intersection of 7th and Maryland. There will be a pedestrian call signal at the streetlight on the corner

A picture of the sidewalk looking left from the station elevator. The street is on the right and the picture shows a slight incline to the intersection of 7th Street and Maryland Avenue.

Turn to the right and cross 7th Street when it is safe to do so. 7th St is about 80 ft wide

A picture of the crosswalk across 7th Street. In the distance there is the canopy for the escalator entrance to the station.

When finished crossing, turn right and proceed. About 180 ft later you will pass under a bridge

A picture of the sidewalk down 7th Street. There is landscaping on both sides of the sidewalk, and the street is further off to the right. The end of a bus shelter is also visible to the right, before some landscaping.

Once finished passing the bridge, you will cross Virginia Avenue. This intersection does not have a traffic light, but there is a stop sign for vehicles traveling on Virginia Avenue from the left. Virginia Avenue is about 60 ft wide

The picture shows a crosswalk across Virginia Avenue. After the crosswalk, there is a building to the left. 7th Street is also shown in the picture, to the right, as Virginia Avenue ends at the intersection.

After crossing Virginia Ave, it is about 210 ft to reach the intersection of D and 7th

A picture of the sidewalk along 7th Street. The WMATA HQ building is on the left and 7th Street is on the right. There is landscaping in the right of the picture.

Turn to the left and proceed approximately 65 ft to reach the entrance of WMATA HQ

A picture of the entrance to the WMATA Headquarters building. There are bollards in the foreground of the picture and the entrance is in the background.

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