March For Our Lives service information

SERVICE NOTE: As of 3:15p.m. -- Archives and Federal Triangle stations have re-opened. Metro CenterGallery Place (7th/F St NW) and L'Enfant Plaza (7th/Maryland Ave SW) all are alternatives.

Metro is preparing for the March For Our Lives event in Washington, DC, on Saturday, March, 24, 2018.

The March is expected to draw hundreds of thousands of participants and will take place during the already busy Cherry Blossom visitor season.


Service Information

Metro has developed service plans to support extremely large crowds on Saturday, March 24:
  • Metro will run rush-hour service levels throughout the day to accommodate expected crowds. The rail system will open at 7 a.m. Customers are encouraged to travel as early in the day as possible.
  • Trains will depart end-of-line stations every 8 minutes, and additional Red Line trains will run between Grosvenor and Silver Spring. In Downtown DC, trains will arrive every 2-4 minutes.
  • Yellow Line trains from Huntington will operate to Mt Vernon Sq or Greenbelt.
  • Metrobus service will be impacted around Pennsylvania Avenue. Some routes will detour or not operate the full route. Click here for service changes

Metro is advising customers:

  • Plan ahead. Every Metro rider (age 5 and up) needs his or her own SmarTrip card. To avoid long lines on March 24, purchase your SmarTrip card in advance from any Metrorail station, CVS Pharmacy or Giant Food stores. On-line orders after Friday, March 9 will still be accepted but may not be received prior to the event due to fulfillment and shipping times.
  • Expect large crowds. The March, combined with Cherry Blossom visitors, could result in one of Metro's highest ridership days. Plan for the possibility of lines and intermittent delays due to crowds.
  • Travel light. To make room for everyone, bicycles, large coolers and other oversized items will not be permitted on Metrorail on March 24.
  • Federal Triangle Station will be closed. Use Metro Center Station instead.
  • Selected station entrances may be designated "entry only" or "exit only" at various times to help speed your trip.
  • Stay connected with us. Follow @wmata and @metrorailinfo for updated information on Metro service before, during and after the March.

Additional resources:

Fares (Paying for Your Trip)

  • All event attendees are strongly encouraged to buy SmarTrip cards in advance to avoid long lines and unnecessary waiting.  SmarTrip cards are sold at all Metrorail stations and at local CVS/Pharmacy and Giant stores.
  • If you already have a SmarTrip card, load it with enough value in advance to cover all travel on March 24.
  • Each Metro rider age 5 and up needs his or her own SmarTrip card. Tap the card at the fare gates to enter and exit the rail system.
  • Metro suggests purchasing a stored value SmarTrip card for $10 ($2 for the card + $8 in Metro value) OR if you plan to take more than two trips on March 24, Metro recommends the unlimited one-day pass for $14.50.
  • Off-peak fares will be in effect all day on March 24. The maximum off-peak fare between any two stations is $3.85.


  • On March 24, Metro parking facilities at Metro stations may fill very quickly. Consider being dropped off, using bus service, carpools, taxi, biking or even walking if possible.
  • On Saturdays, a $2 parking fee is charged for vehicles parked at Metro garages and lots. The fee is charged as you exit the facility.
  • To pay for parking using a SmarTrip® card, please use a station vending machine to add value for the parking fee ($2). Individuals who park at a Metro facility but do not use the rail system may be charged a higher fee at selected lots. Debit/credit cards also are accepted.

Charter Buses

  • For safety reasons, only authorized buses, such as Metrobuses and authorized local transit buses, may access Metro stations. Charter buses may not use Metrobus facilities.
  • Charter bus operators should use appropriate discretion in determining a safe location to discharge passengers near Metro stations.
  • Private/charter bus parking is strictly prohibited at Metrorail stations. For information about charter bus parking, please see the DC Tour Bus Parking website.

Travel Tips

  • There is a Metro station near the March location on each of the system's rail lines, so can get to the event by taking just one train. Plan your trip so that you do not have to transfer between rail lines. 
  • Smoking, eating and drinking are prohibited within the Metro system, including trains, buses and stations.
  • Bicycles, large coolers and other oversized items will not be permitted on Metrorail.
  • Washington is a walkable city. Stations closest to the event will be the most crowded and might not be your best choice. Consider using alternate stations and walking a bit to reach your destination. 
  • We strongly recommend purchasing your SmarTrip® farecard in advance to avoid long lines.
  • If you're not using a One-Day Pass, be sure to load your card in advance with enough value for the entire day.
  • Sign up for MetroAlerts to stay informed of service information on your desktop email or mobile device. Sign up to be the first to know about delays, service adjustments, detours and other events that may affect your trip.
  • Follow us on Twitter: @wmata, @metrorailinfo, @metrobusinfo

Walking Directions to the March

Avoid transferring between rail lines. Pick a destination station below on the same color line as your origin station and walk to the March.

Red Line Orange Line Silver Line Blue Line Metro Center
Walk EAST on F or G Street NW

Turn RIGHT on 13th, 12th or 11th St NW
Turn LEFT on Pennsylvania Ave NW
Continue to 3rd St NW

Red Line Yellow Line Green Line Gallery Place (7th & F St NW and 7th & H NW)
Walk SOUTH on 7th St NW
Turn LEFT on Pennsylvania Ave NW
Continue to 3rd St NW

Yellow Line Green Line Archives
Walk SOUTH on 7th St NW
Turn LEFT on Pennsylvania Ave NW
Continue to 3rd St NW

Orange Line Silver Line Blue Line Yellow Line Green Line L'Enfant Plaza (SE Corner Maryland Ave & 7th St SW)
Walk EAST on Maryland Ave SW
Turn RIGHT on Independence Ave SW
Turn LEFT on Maryland Ave SW
Turn LEFT on 3rd St SW
Continue to Pennsylvania Ave NW

Orange Line Silver Line Blue Line Federal Center SW
Walk North on 3rd St SW
Continue to Pennsylvania Ave NW

Red Line Union Station (Massachusetts Ave NE)
Walk SOUTH on First St NE
Turn RIGHT on Columbus Monument Dr NE
Turn LEFT on Columbus Circle NE
Turn RIGHT on Louisiana Ave NE
Continue onto Constitution Ave NW
Turn LEFT on 3rd St NW
Continue to Pennsylvania Ave


Members of the media are welcome to cover this event. Specific media credentialing is not required. However, please be aware of the following guidelines, which will be strictly enforced:

  • Members of the media entering the "paid area" of a Metro station or traveling on the system must process a SmarTrip card, just like any other customer.
  • The use of lights, tripods, ladders, stools or other equipment is prohibited. All filming must be via handheld cameras only.
  • Due to crowding/safety concerns, on Saturday, March 24, filming will not permitted on train platforms.
  • Filming is not permitted on stairs, escalators, or other locations where the activity may pose a safety hazard.
  • Filming may not impede the flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic.
  • No cables or wires may be used.
Members of the media with questions about these guidelines may call Metro's Office of Media Relations at (202) 962-1051.