FTA Corrective Action Plan

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In collaboration with the Federal Transit Administration, Metro has developed an action plan to address the safety findings and recommendations issued by the FTA following its organization-wide Safety Management Inspection (SMI) of the WMATA rail and bus transit systems. Ninety-one different actions have been identified to address 44 safety findings in eight categories regarding WMATA's Metrorail system and 10 safety findings in five categories regarding WMATA's Metrobus system.

Metro will next identify the total funding and staffing requirements to present to the Metro Board of Directors, and further develop an integrated implementation plan that includes these actions as well as those identified by other safety oversight groups.

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You can read the Corrective Active Plans using the links below.

CAPs Table of Contents

1.  Metrorail 1 - Inadequate ROCC Staffing and Procedures

2.  Metrorail 2 - Ineffective Training

3.  Metrorail 3 - Insufficient Track Time

4.  Metrorail 4 - System-wide Maintenance Issues

5.  Metrorail 5 - Fire Life Safety

6.  Metrorail 6 - Tunnel Ventilation Systems

7.  Metrorail 7 - Info Management Technology

8.  Metrorail 8 - Outstanding Items from Prev Reviews

9.  Metrobus 1 - Protection of Bus Operations Personnel

10.  Metrobus 2 - Limited Training

11.  Metrobus 3 - Inconsistent Testing and Compliance

12.  Metrobus 4 - Systemwide Maintenance

13.  Metrobus 5 - Lack of Info Mgt Tech