Energy Management

Investments in sustainability are one of the key ways WMATA can promote cost savings and responsible stewardship of the region's dollars.

The FY2018 proposed budget for water and energy across uses (i.e. facilities, traction power and fuel) is $107 million.

  • Implementation of plans that could execute a 1 percent reduction in the overall water and energy bills could potentially save the authority $10.7 million over the next 10 years.
  • Execution of a slightly more aggressive target of 5 percent could yield a potential savings of $53.5 million in savings over the next 10 years.

In 2014, WMATA adopted an energy reduction target of 15 percent per vehicle mile from 2013 levels by 2025. By 2015, WMATA realized a 2 percent reduction in energy use per vehicle mile and associated avoided costs.

To continue along the glide path to reach these ambitious energy reduction targets and their associated avoidance of cost, WMATA has initiated an Authority wide energy audit which will recommend investments, prioritized based on return on investment. The report will provide concrete recommendations including integration into capital programing, asset management, as well as how we rebuild and operate the system.

In addition, WMATA is launching an Enterprise Energy Management system that will allow internal transparency, accountability and asset management of WMATA's $107 million energy budget. By incorporating the management of energy across the Authority as part of business, WMATA will be able to reach its energy reduction targets and achieve associated cost savings.