Attracting Businesses and Employees

Attracting Businesses and Employees

Metro sustains the region's economy by making jobs accessible to residents at a reasonable cost. By connecting individuals to employment opportunities, our transportation options attract employers and generates wealth for the region. Convenient access to transit attracts development and enables residents and businesses to thrive side by side.

Businesses that have recently expanded or moved to the region have identified Metro's expansive transit network as an important factor in their location decisions. From small businesses to global brands, Metro enables employers to attract qualified workers who desire affordable, safe, low-stress commutes.

In fact, more employees are choosing to take transit to work- nearly a quarter of commuters in the region took transit for weekly commute trips in 2019, up 4% from 2016, according to the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (MWCOG) 2019 report on the State of the Commute.

In 2019, the region developed the Bus Transformation Project Action Plan to address congestion, affordability, and mobility. Metrobus is identified as a key partner in transporting large numbers of riders safely and efficiently, providing inclusive mobility for the region, and reducing emissions.

This growing interest and reliance on Metro has also spurred new development around many Metrorail stations. According to MWCOG, 44% of new commercial space built in 2018 in the region was within a half mile of a Metrorail station-giving commuters easier access to workplaces while providing nearby businesses with an additional source of customers. Learn more about how we manage real estate throughout the greater Washington Metropolitan region.