2019 Annual Sustainability Report

2019 Annual Sustainability Report

Metro is implementing programs and upgrades aimed at improving economic, social, and environmental sustainability in the region and within internal operations. Sustainability is a fundamental business approach that makes Metro operations more resilient and fiscally responsible while also reducing environmental impacts.

The 2019 Annual Sustainability Report PDF Icon outlines our calendar-year 2019 progress towards improving the sustainability of our operations and contributions to the region. Each of the following themes is a chapter of our sustainability story.

  1. Livability & Accessibility. As the backbone of a strong and inclusive regional mobility system, Metro supports vibrant, healthy, and sustainable communities.
  2. Economic Prosperity. Metro connects communities and promotes housing affordability, regional equity, and economic growth.
  3. Environmental Impact. Metro reduces the region's climate impacts and energy use while preserving open space, clean air, and healthy waterways.

Metro is transforming the way we do business to realize an efficient and sustainable future by integrating and advancing sustainability in all strategies, plans, business practices, decisions and operations.

Download the 2019 Annual Sustainability Report PDF Icon.