Priority Corridor Network (PCN)

The Metrobus Priority Corridor Network (PCN) is a strategy for improving bus service in the Washington region quickly and efficiently. The goal of the PCN is to improve bus service travel times, reliability, capacity, productivity and system access. The plan includes 24 corridors across the region and will impact half of all bus riders in the current Metrobus system.

The PCN will provide a faster and more comfortable service by improving and providing:

  • Bus running ways, signal priorities and bus-only lanes or queue jumpers.
  • Better passenger amenities, access, information and service reliability.
  • New buses with low floors and hybrid technology.
  • New limited stop services.


PCN Study Report

List of PCN Corridors

District of Columbia

Corridor Metrobus Routes Study Year Study Status Implementation Status
Georgia Avenue / 7th Street (DC) PDF Icon  70,71,79 2006 Completed Substantial
Wisconsin Avenue / Pennsylvania Avenue 31,32,34,36,37,39 2007 Completed Partial
Sixteenth Street S1,S2,S4,S9 2008 Completed Partial
H Street / Benning Road X1,X2,X3,X9 2009 Completed Partial
U Street / Garfield 90,92,93 2010 Completed Partial
Anacostia / Congress Heights A2,6,7,8,42,46,48; A4,5,9 2011 Completed Partial
Fourteenth Street 52,53,54 2012 Completed Planned
North Capitol Street 80 2012/13 Completed Partial
Rhode Island Avenue G8 2013 Completed Planned


Corridor Metrobus Routes Study Year Study Status Implementation Status
University Boulevard / East-West Highway PDF Icon  J1,J2,J3,J4 2007 Completed Partial
Southern Avenue Metro - National Harbor PDF Icon NH-1 2007 Completed Planned
Veirs Mill Road Q1,Q2,Q4,Q5,Q6 2009 Completed Partial
New Hampshire Avenue K6 2009 Completed Partial
Georgia Avenue (MD) Y5,Y7,Y8,Y9 2012 Completed Partial
East-West Highway F4,F6 2012 Completed Partial
Greenbelt / Twinbrook C2,C4 2012/13 Current Planned
Rhode Island Avenue Metro to Laurel 81,82,83,86,87,88,89M 2013/14 Completed Planned
Eastover / Addison Road P12 2014 Current Planned
Colesville Road / Columbia Pike (MD US29) Z2,6,8,9,29,11,13 2014 Current Planned


Corridor Metrobus Routes Study Year Study Status Implementation Status
Columbia Pike (Pike Ride) PDF Icon  16A,B,D,E,F,J 2002 Completed Partial
Richmond Highway Express (REX) PDF Icon REX 2003 Completed Partial
Leesburg Pike 28A, 28X, 28F,G,T 2009 Completed Partial
Crystal City / Potomac Yard 9A,E,S 2005 Completed Substantial
Little River Turnpike / Duke Street 29K,N; 29C,E,G,H,X 2014 Completed Planned