September 15, 2020 Community Update

Dear Community Members,

We are writing to update you about the Northern Bus Garage Replacement Project, including the latest actions to improve the new construction aspects of the project design plans. Modernization of this Metro facility is critical to bus service in the District.

In response to feedback from the public and the May 28th concept review hearing before DC’s Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB), Metro has undertaken a significant project redesign. The redesign responds to concerns around safety, environmental impacts, and aesthetics.

We intend to present the project redesign, as well as multiple exterior design options, to the community for consideration this Fall. We are planning multiple community meetings to gather your input on the redesign, including as part of consultation under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act.  Metro will return to the HPRB for conceptual review once the project team has considered the community’s preferences.

Concurrently, Metro has submitted a demolition permit application that will be reviewed by HPRB at its September meeting. You may see notification signs at the project site indicating this upcoming hearing.  Metro anticipates that the HPRB will recommend denial of the application, consistent with its prior findings. This formal recommendation will trigger Mayor’s Agent review of the application as a project of special merit.

To be clear, Metro submitted its demolition permit at this time to avoid unnecessary delay in the overall permitting process. Metro cannot receive final District approval for demolition prior to submission and approval of permits for the construction aspects of the project.

We will provide notification soon regarding the virtual community meetings to be held this Fall. Each meeting will be announced at least two weeks prior to the date, and presentations will be posted on the project website at least one day prior to the meetings.  We look forward to continued community input on this important project.

Metro’s Northern Bus Garage Project Team