Project Updates - New Hampshire Ave Chiller Site

The New Hampshire Ave Chiller Site Groundwater Treatment Facility is located near the Georgia Ave-Petworth Metrorail Station, which serves the historic neighborhoods of Petworth, Upshur Street and Park View. The address of this facility is 3670 New Hampshire Avenue NW, Washington DC, 20010, located at the corner of Rock Creek Church Road NW, Georgia Avenue NW and New Hampshire Avenue NW. 

The existing facility holds a small cooling tower, chiller and electrical/mechanical equipment that cools nearby underground Metrorail stations, like the Georgia Ave-Petworth Metrorail station. The project will modernize the chiller site. 

Key Design Elements

In order to ensure the site meets necessary standards, WMATA plans to:
  • Construct a new addition in the rear of the existing building to house new water testing and treatment equipment.
  • Remove existing equipment from the rear exterior of the current building, further beautifying the chiller site and surrounding neighborhood.
  • Include new brick, auger pile and grade beam foundation system, exterior and interior wall systems, utilities, exterior and interiors finishes, interior staircase, mechanical, electrical, communication systems, site grading and improvement and other items.

Customer & Community Impacts

Due to the nature of the work, community members will experience impacts in the surrounding area during construction:

  • Construction work will be conducted just west of Georgia Avenue NW in the area between New Hampshire Ave NW and Rock Creek Church Road NW. As a result:
    • Rock Creek Church Road NW will be narrowed.
    • The sidewalk adjacent to the chiller site on Rock Creek Church Road will be closed during construction.

  • Construction is expected to occur weekdays during normal business hours.
  • Neighborhood water/utility services should not be affected.

Project Schedule

Construction is expected to begin in or around Spring 2021 and last for approximately one year. All dates reflect the latest project status and may be updated as needed.


Presentations and Documents

Project Update April 2021 

(Presented to ANC 4C on 4/14PDF Icon