Metrobus Farebox Replacement Project

Metrobus operates over 1,500 buses, servicing 11,500 bus stops across DC, Maryland, and Virginia.  For many Metrobus customers their commute begins at the farebox, which is why Metro is investing in improving and modernizing the ways customers can pay.

The current Metrobus farebox system is more than 20 years-old and at the end of its useful life. Starting in 2023, Metro will begin upgrading all of its more than 1,500 buses with modern fareboxes. The new bus fare collection system will allow customers to continue to pay the same ways they can today, with the added benefits of:

  • Faster processing of coins and bills
  • Larger, brighter, and full color display
  • Improved reliability due to upgrades in technology

Product design, prototype assembly, testing and certification is expected to take approximately 24 months. 

More reliable handsfree experience for customers

While the new fareboxes will operate the same way they do today, customers will notice one major change. The SmarTrip reader currently located inside the farebox will be mounted externally for improved accessibility, faster boarding, and expediated maintenance. With one tap, customers will be able to pay with their SmarTrip card or mobile device. And customers will continue to be able to add cash value to their SmarTrip card including to receive the transfer credit. 

Did you know?

When the Metrobus farebox replacement project is complete, buses will be equipped with the same SmarTrip® reader as Metrorail stations, a first in Metro history.