Faregate Barrier Review & Testing Project

We've heard your concerns about fare evasion, and we're taking action. In addition to the October 2022 launch of our "Pay the Fare" warning campaign, alerting customers to the fines associated with fare evasion, we are testing new solutions to deter fare evasion at the gate.

Beginning in November 2022, we will be testing modifications to select faregates at Fort Totten, including:

  • Swing-door-style barriers, which are higher and harder to step, or climb over
  • Plastic arches on top of the gate, to hinder passengers from vaulting over barriers

Plastic arches to deter passengers from vaulting over barriers

Swing-door-style barrier to deter passengers from climbing over barriers

Fort Totten was chosen as a test location for multiple reasons, including its high rate of fare evasion and its ability to accommodate additional faregates without compromising the footprint of the station. Customers entering and exiting the station will be able to see and experience results from the plastic arch deterrents immediately. However, initial testing of the prototype faregates, which will include one ADA gate with swing barriers, will happen in a testing area adjacent to the current faregates. In early 2023, once we have analyzed the impacts the swing door barriers will have on your commute, the prototypes will be available for all customers to try out!

We will also explore alternative faregate designs through a two-part customer pilot, which will run from spring through the fall of 2023. Our team of experts are busy creating two new faregate designs, which will be installed at Eisenhower Avenue and Stadium-Armory. At the conclusion of all test phases, we will assess the efficacy of the modified faregates, as well as review customer feedback and determine next steps.

Fare evasion accounts for approximately $40 million in revenue loss each year and we are committed to minimizing that loss and investing those funds in the safety and reliability of our service. You can read our press release to learn more about our efforts to decrease fare evasion.