Tenleytown-AU Station Access Study 2016

Tenleytown Station Access Study Timeline


March 2014: Completion of Phase I design concepts. Read final report.and view Phase I concepts.

April 2016: Phase II design concepts presented for public feedback.

May 2016: Public comment period closes and results of public feedback are collected and reviewed by project team.

Summer 2016: Final results from public feedback and revised design concept will be completed and posted here for public review. DDOT will implement once funding is available.

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The Tenleytown-AU Station Access Study seeks to improve the area around the Tenleytown-AU Metrorail station in Northwest DC.

The Metrorail station serves as an important gateway to the Tenleytown neighborhood. Existing station area conditions forces customers and vehicles to compete for space resulting in congestion.

Current Conditions for Improvement:

  • Current conditions at 40th Street and Fort Drive NW are inadequate for the large volume of bus and shuttle passengers.
  • Surrounding streets have high vehicular traffic and different parking hours, rates and rules.
  • Existing road configuration creates congestion between pedestrians, bicycles and vehicles making it harder to access the Tenleytown Metrorail station, Metrobuses and shuttles.
  • Crosswalks need updating and are missing disability access ramps.

About the project

Building upon recommendations set forth by previous studies, both WMATA and the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) have initiated a Phase II study to develop redesigns for WMATA and DDOT property adjacent to the Tenleytown-AU station to better accommodate all forms of access to the Metrorail station. The suggested improvements will focus on the area just east of the station entrance at the northeast corner of Wisconsin Avenue and Albemarle Street, NW.

Proposed Alternatives

Recommendations and public comment from Phase I of the project helped to develop three draft station area concepts that hope to improve several current conditions. These include overall safety and comfort, distinct and clearly marked areas for different forms of transportation, and creating a better station environment for customers. Here are some of the improvements featured in the draft redesigns to look for:

  • Better crosswalk design at 40th St, Fort Drive, and Albemarle St, NW
  • Better disability access with curb cuts at crosswalks
  • Angled bus parking spots for easier vehicle entry and exit from the station
  • Bus shelters with improved customer information and weather protection
  • Better sidewalk designs for easier pedestrian, ADA, and cyclist access
  • More green space and tree box landscaping
  • More bicycle racks as well as secure bike storage
  • High visibility pedestrian and bicycle crossing at intersections
  • Expanded sideway space in front of 40th St NW retail to provide pedestrian plaza opportunity

Public input has been collected on the alternatives and will be incorporated into a final report to be used to help inform a final design that will be implemented when funding becomes available. Check back here for the final report this summer.


Design Alternative

Site Plan (click to expand)

Alternative #1

  • Two-way cycle track down the median of 40th St & Fort Drive NW
  • Pedestrian pathway in the center of median
  • Landscaped center island
  • Nearly aligned 4-way stop at the Albemarle St NW intersection
  • 30 parking spaces, including  4 ADA
  • Completion of sidewalk along loading alley to 40th St NW

Tenley alternative 1

Alternative #2

  • One-way bike lane along both 40th St and  Fort Drive NW north of the U-turn
  • U-turn near the Whole Foods Market exit  on 40th St for drivers to return north along Fort Drive NW
  • Green space south of U-turn with fencing  to deter pedestrian cut-throughs
  • Nearly aligned 4-way stop at the  Albemarle St NW intersection
  • 35 parking spaces, including 4 ADA
  • Completion of sidewalk along loading  alley to 40th St NW

Tenley alternative 2

Alternative #3

  • Shared bicycle and pedestrian multi-use path
  • U-turn near the Whole Foods Market exit  on 40th St for drivers to return north along Fort Drive NW
  • Landscaped center island
  • Aligned 4-way stop at the Albemarle St NW  intersection
  • 34 parking spaces, including 4 ADA
  • Maintains two-way loading alley off of 40th  St NW

Tenley alternative 3