Demolition of the platform canopy at Rockville Metrorail Station is underway

Published: September 30, 2021 | En Español

Construction Update

Timeline graphic showing demolition phase of construction

Timeline graphic showing demolition phase of construction

The Rockville platform canopy has protected customers from sun, rain and snow throughout the years, which has led to progressive corrosion and deterioration. When Shady Grove and Rockville stations closed on Sept. 11 to fully replace the canopy at Rockville Station, construction crews immediately started preparing for demolition.

  • To protect the existing station platform, which remains in great shape, temporary flooring was installed over the platform and Metrorail tracks, while electrical equipment such as closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras and speakers were permanently removed from the canopy. New CCTV cameras and speakers will be installed in the new canopy as part of this project.
Temporary flooring over platform and Metrorail tracks
Temporary flooring over platform and Metrorail tracks

  • Once prep work was completed, crews began demolishing the 300-foot-long platform canopy and skylight—in three concrete spans—using a remote-controlled demolition machine. This machine creates a safer work environment because it can be controlled away from the work zone and keeps workers safe from falling concrete.
demolition machine and canopy
Demolition machine and canopy
concrete debris from canopy
Concrete debris from canopy

  • To date, Span 1 and 2 are demolished. When crews finish demolishing the remaining concrete span and columns, the project will move into the next phase of construction—steel beam installation. These beams will form the structure for the new canopy.
partially demolished canopy.jpg
Partially demolished canopy

Customer Experience Improvements

When the project is complete, Rockville Station will provide an enhanced customer experience that brings a higher level of safety, convenience and communication.

The canopy will feature brighter energy-efficient LED bulbs that provide customers with better visibility at night. To install these bulbs, we’re replacing over 7 miles of conduit and wiring for electrical equipment – enough to wrap around the National Mall 3.5 times!
new lighting illustration
New lighting illustration

Make sure to read the next project update to learn about the new Passenger Information Display Screens (PIDS).

In addition to the Rockville Canopy Replacement Project, Metro is taking advantage of the station closures to advance other capital projects including:

Retracing History

In the 1970s, architecture firm Harry Weese & Associates (HWA) penned the blueprint for aerial flat canopies found at above ground Metrorail stations like Rockville. In this photo, the canopy is under construction on the platform.

Can you guess the year of the photo? Find out in the next project update.
original construction of Rockville Station canopy
Original construction of Rockville Station canopy

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