People Behind the Project - Hannah Ro

People Behind the Project - Hannah Ro    
Hannah Ro
Senior Program Manager, Platform Improvement Project (PIP)

With June being National Safety Month, we’re excited to share exclusive content and updates on our commitment to safety. The Platform Improvement Project (PIP) is part of Metro’s 10-year, $15 billion capital improvement program to increase safety and improve Metro’s infrastructure. Check out our conversation with Hannah Ro (HR), the Senior Program Manager for PIP’s final phase, as we discuss the importance of the Platform Improvement Project and the improvements customers can expect to see!

Why is PIP so important for Metro and customers? 
HR: “PIP is a prime example of one Metro’s priorities—to provide safe, reliable, modern rides. While we do have to suspend service for a period of time, we have an opportunity to address critical safety issues and reopen the system within three months, instead of the three to five years it would usually take with intermittent closures. This strategy promotes cost and process efficiencies and safety, while ensuring a quick return to service for customers.”

What is the most exciting thing for you about PIP?
HR: “It’s really amazing to see how fast everything moves. The construction crews have identified a lot of work efficiencies and selected highly skilled, talented people to support the project. It’s really rewarding to see the first train pull in after the 100-day project is complete.” 

How important is PIP to Metro’s goal of providing safe, modern experiences for customers? 
HR: “PIP is extremely critical to providing a safe and modern experience. Metro has identified critical safety changes as part of the project–a new fire alarm system, more cameras, better safety and security measures. This project allows us to address major structural improvements and rehabilitation needs, while also improving safety.”

What’s your favorite customer experience improvement?
HR: “That’s a hard one! I love all the ways we can make the station better–not only in the obvious, physical improvements, but the elegant solutions, too. We’re leveraging system integrations to bring innovation to Metro. Once a station is reopened, it’s satisfying to know we didn’t just make a station “pretty,” we made it better.” 

When you’re not managing PIP, what is something you like to do?
HR: “I love to travel, which has been stymied because of Covid. I’m looking forward to visiting new places again!”