Two weeks into the Summer 2021 Platform Improvement Project work

Published: Friday, June 11, 2021

With the reopening of the Addison Rd and Arlington Cemetery Stations on May 23, the Platform Improvement Project team has shifted focus to four Green and Yellow line stations. Greenbelt, College Park-U of Md, Prince George's Plaza and West Hyattsville are now closed through September 6 for platform reconstruction and installation of customer experience improvements.

To learn more about the detailed platform reconstruction process, read this blog from earlier in the year. As a reminder, the process will take place over the next three months, which includes platform demolition, platform repair and rebar installation, and customer experience improvement installation. Below is an overview of the work that took place during the first two weeks at each station.

Construction crews began by prepping the site with a  temporary access ramp for the crane to access the platform during demolition work. Once the site was mobilized, crews got to work demolishing the existing platform tiles and topping slab. In the mezzanine area, the construction team  installed a primer on the skylights, removed the existing fare gates and fare machines and installed new slip-resistant tiles and lighting fixtures. In the coming weeks they will pour the new platform edge, install the granite edges, lay conduit for the CCTV, lighting, and fire alarm systems and install the structures for the new customer experience improvements.

Mezzanine tile installed at Greenbelt StationMezzanine tile installation Platform demolition work at Greenbelt StationPlatform demolition

College Park-U of Md

Here, crews demolished 4,000 square feet of old tile and topping slab on the platform and removed the CCTV cameras, PA speakers, and other platform fixtures. They also began work on crack repairs around the station, demolished elevator cladding and installed handrails on the canopy to allow crews to safely work on the roof. In the coming weeks, construction crews will work on crack repairs on the platform canopy, demolish the mezzanine skylights and continue construction.

Prince George's Plaza
Crews have removed all pylons and fixtures on the platform and demolished the old tiles and topping slab. New slip-resistant tiles were installed in the mezzanine and vegetation was removed on the track level . In the coming weeks, platform core drilling will begin and crews will install rebar, platform expansion joints and anchor bolts to prepare for the new topping slab to be poured.
Prince George's Plaza Station with platform demolished
West Hyattsville
Similar to Greenbelt, crews first built access to the platform from the staging area before demolishing the platform tiles and topping slab. In addition to demolishing the existing platform, crews also removed signage, windscreen glazing and other platform fixtures. In the coming weeks, new rebar will be installed, which creates the framework for crews to pour concrete and install granite for the new permanent edges.
Access platform at West Hyattsville StationAccess platform Platform demolition at West Hyattsville StationPlatform demolition

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