Plan Ahead

Metro announced the final phase of the Platform Improvement Project, which will close the following Orange Line stations from Saturday, May 28 through Monday, September 5: 

  • New Carrollton
  • Landover
  • Cheverly
  • Deanwood*
  • Minnesota Ave*

*Indicates stations will undergo modernization improvements only

Here's What to Expect:

  • Five Orange Line stations will be closed.
  • Orange Line service will operate between Vienna and Stadium-Armory.
  • Free shuttle bus service will operate between New Carrollton and Stadium-Armory.
Free Shuttle Bus Service - Summer 2022 PIP
About the Platform Improvement Project

Metro’s Platform Improvement Project is making platforms safer and more accessible for all customers. As part of this multi-year project, Metro identified platforms at 20 outdoor Metrorail stations to rehabilitate. Since its launch in 2019, 17 station platforms have been rehabilitated. Key customer experience improvements are also installed during construction, including: 
  • New slip-resistant tiles
  • Brighter, energy-efficient LED lighting
  • Larger digital information display screens 
  • New stainless-steel platform shelters with charging ports
Check Out Improvements From Previous Phases

Before After Cracked Station Platform
Before/After Cracked Station Platform

Before After Public Information Display Screens
Before/After PIDS (Public Information Display Screens)

Before After Station Speakers
Before/After Station Speakers

Before After Station Lighting
Before/After Station Lighting

Available Resources 
Metro's bilingual Communications Toolkit contains resources, such as shuttle bus service maps, pre-drafted messaging and a photo gallery, to help the public navigate the upcoming travel changes. 

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